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Blogging Together

Kristin and I are joinging forces. Wait…What? and Donovanhouse are merging to become … uh … DonovanHouse.  We’ve wanted to share something like this for a while and I finally figured out how to import our respective previous posts into one blog.  It was actually really easy.  I hope to redesign the theme of sometime this summer.  We’ll see.

The nature of my posting will stay the same. My thinking is that our readership will benefit from knowing us (Kristin and I) both together.  We are, after all, one flesh.

Anyway – if you link to me here, catch my feed, or just read Wait…What regularly, please change everything over to  As soon as someone figures out a way to import comments into a privately hosted wordpress blog, I’ll be deleting this one.




Nike has recently re-released the Air Max family. I've been shopping for a new pair of running shoes for a while. I was ready to settle for a cheap pair of sneakers when these caught my eye. My dad wore these same shoes when I was a kid. Always a sucker for sentiment, I had to try them on.


I was sharing a bit of my nostalgia with the saleswoman, so she asked a co-worker which year these were originally released. He said, "Eighty-three. Wait – no, ninety-one. They're ninety-ones." I won't get into the details, but I couldn't have been older than eight when I my dad purchased these. Which means they had to have come out before 1988. I wasn't going to contest until I noticed the in-soul of the shoe lists the airmax family and each shoe's respective release year. Mine are from 1987. That's right – I bought'em and I'm lovin'em.

I still didn't contest the year because they defintiely didn't care. However, if you dig this kind of stuff like I do, you can read all about it at The website lists them at $90, but I got them for $80 at Champs. Don't bother with the Nike outlet stores – I went to two and they didn't have them. Oh yeah – I guess I didn't mention I saw them at Champs about a month ago, decided $90 was too expensive, dreamed about them for a few weeks, looked for a pair of comparable (albeit less expensive) shoes and finally caved when they didn't have the cheapies in my size.  My wife also let me get them as long as I understood I was borrowing against Father's Day.  Thanks Baby!

Farting Preacher

Apparently Kristin and I are the last people we know to see this.  I'm posting it here incase any of you are as behind as we are on the youtube surfing.  It's been a while since I've laughed as hard as I did when I watched this. 

Dwelling Among the Hedges


A good friend (not pictured) recently shared with me some frustrations he's been experiencing living in his current town. He wants to move back to the city but present circumstances are keeping him and his family where they are. I myself have been fantasizing about buying a house and moving my family out of our apratment complex. Circumstances being what they are and our debt being what it is, it will probably be a couple of years before we buy our first home. Some days I am more at peace with this notion than others.

Occassionally Sometimes on Saturdays I start my morning by reading a passage from Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon. He was an artist in the way he drew an entire page of relevant exhortation from some seemingly obscure verse from the Bible. This morning's passage reminded me of my friend who wants to move to the city. Upon further reflection, it eased some of my own discontents. The verse he expounded on was 1 Chronicles 4:23, which reads (in the KJV), "These were the potters, and those that dwealt among plants and hedges: there they dwealt with the king for his work."

The following is an excerpt from Spurgeon's thoughts for the morning:

We, too, may be engaged in the most menial part of the Lord’s work, but it is a great privilege to do anything for "the king"; and therefore we will abide in our calling, hoping that, "although we have lain among the pots, yet shall we be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold. (Psalm 68:13)" The text tells us of those who dwelt among plants and hedges, having rough, rustic, hedging and ditching work to do. They may have desired to live in the city, amid its life, society, and refinement, but they kept their appointed places, for they also were doing the king’s work. The place of our habitation is fixed, and we are not to remove from it out of whim and caprice, but seek to serve the Lord in it, by being a blessing to those among whom we reside.
Read the entire passage »

I have been struggling a lot lately with the tension between good stewardship and the pursuit of wealth. Taking care of my family and wanting to be rich are distinctly different ideas. However, the line between them is often blurred in practical life – at least for me it is. It's sometimes difficult to do my best at work "just" to honor God. I get jealous when others receive praise and my effort is ignored. I am more often concerned with losing my job than losing my way. I think this has a lot to do with narrow notions about who my Employer is. Given to shortness of sight, I forget which Home I'm looking forward to.

Screen Shots

I have been working on for months. I think I've finally settled on a design I like. The thing is – I don't have the patience to wait until it launches for feedback. Truthfully, I'd also like to milk all usability and design advice i can get before I start chopping this thing up. My biggest trouble area right now is the blog (or "journal") section – the comments and links in particular. I'm just not sure how to organize everything. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. On an aesthetic note – I got a lot of my inspiration from artofmission. Ryan, is this too close for comfort? Let me know.


I should mention that the design will be expandable (does "liquid" work here?). The drop shadows are just for display purposes in this article. It's going to be more "web 2.0-ish."



Pantera Retro Scooter

I'm seriously considering this. Kristin's afraid I will die on it.  I just need something to get myself to and from the transit station (and occassionally to Dairy Queen).  Good idea/bad idea?  Please weigh in.

Cherry Tree


I stop by Caitriona's photoblog every few days. She posted this photo today and I've been staring at it off and on for over an hour now. The blue light and bronze leaves are fascinating. I'd love to discuss this shot if anyone has any thoughts.