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I had to get two really big files to a couple people today. Our FTP has been misbehaving lately, as has our FedEx man. One semi-reliable source witnessed him standing in front of our building yesterday looking for 2929 Carlisle. My witness says he pointed out the GIANT STEEL 2929 on our building, at which point the courier mumbled, "It's after six anyway – I'll just come back tomorrow." Well, I'm on a deadline today and can't risk intermittent servers or incompetent delivery persons.

Enter DropSend. I noticed this link sometime ago as it appears after each of Mr. Oxton's posts. Until today I never had a reason to give it a spin. Here's the lowdown:

1 user
250mb of online storage
Send 5 emails (up to 250mb each) per month

For right now, this is all I need, but there's plenty plenty more storage if you want to pay for it. Because I generally FTP my larger files, I don't foresee ever needing more than the free account. But if you're interested, check out the specs at

I thought about taking a whole bunch of screen shots and providing a little tour. Lucky for you (and me, I guess), they've already posted a tour of the application. I suggest you take it for a spin yourself.


One response

  1. danielle

    wow that’s really interesting…hm.

    June 8, 2006 at 6:08 am

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